Wind Turbines can be Hazardous to Human Health

From Washington University in St. Louis:

The effects of wind turbine infrasound build up slowly on people. For most, there are no effects while in the vicinity of wind turbines for short periods (such as the workday) and when higher levels of other sounds (i.e. sound you can hear) are present. The problem arises when people try and sleep in their homes in the presence of wind turbine noise. . . . the room may be fairly quiet, but the sound becomes dominated by the infrasound that the person cannot hear. . . . but is detected by the ear. . . .has subtle influences on the body that we are only just beginning to understand.  People undergo repeated arousals from sleep (brief partial awakenings that are not remembered) and repeated awakenings. . . leave the individual stressed and unrefreshed.   Sleep disturbance over a prolonged period is known to be extremely hazardous to health, causing mental changes, high blood pressure, diabetes and increased mortality.
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